Sun-Greenaway Builders — a name you can trust.

It won’t take long when working with Sun-Greenaway to realise we are specialists with an eye for excellence when it comes to quality work on all class of buildings.

Working closely with property and strata managers, and insurance companies, we specialise in building rectification projects industrial, commercial and residential — with a reputation built on nearly two decades of quality work for demanding projects.

We have invested much time and effort to build up the expertise needed to cater for this specialised sector of the market and we are just as selective as you are when it comes to finding the right builder, when we select the jobs we will carry out. Sun-Greenaway is in its niche market for the long-term with a well-earned reputation to protect.

I look forward to discussing your present or future needs and to explaining how Sun-Greenaway Builders' personal service and specialist resources will provide you with the responsive and reliable support you seek.

James F Allison - Proprietor
Sun Developments Pty Ltd, trading as Sun-Greenaway Builders