What we do...

Sun-Greenaway Builders’ licensed tradespeople are fully qualified to rectify any traumatic building damage you may experience. We are often the team Structural Engineers will call upon to undertake difficult structural repair work.

We can provide building solutions to unique buildings--be they historic homes or unorthodox constructions—and we can offer the specialist artisan skills that are often required to replicate special finishes and detailing.

Excellent end results are not our only priority—that way in which we achieve this is equally important. We like to involve the proprietor, owner, or tenant as much as possible in our operations as we view good communications as essential to the smooth and rapid completion of building work. On top of this, you will find our Supervisors second to none in their ability to carefully coordinate the various tradespeople and suppliers in the most productive and least disruptive sequence of activities.

Here is our commitment to you . . . when the damage occurs, one phone call to us and we will deal with all aspects of building damage, from securing the property against further injury or danger to smoothly undertaking all repair tasks to restore the building back to its pre-incident condition.